Our Philosophy

Teaching principles and methodology

For us, at GEMS Education, methodology and care tops the priority list. We emphasise nurturing the true potential of our students and allowing them to explore and discover in stimulating learning environments. The staff at GEMS follow a student-centric approach in order to help them to understand the real world problems, face challenging situations and develop problem solving skills.

At GEMS we not only develop good students but also develop great leadership skills.


To educate students to become outstanding contributors to society and to foster global learning through its academic curriculum and diverse school activities in a technologically progressive environment.


To develop GEMS Modern Academy into a vibrant and exemplary educational institution where students are nurtured and encouraged to achieve their ultimate potential.  GEMS Modern Academy will create an all-inclusive student focused learning environment by providing opportunities for enrichment in the field of academics, sports and fine arts.

At GMA, we strive to instill within the children, a desire to be lifelong learners who are proud of their heritage and have love for one’s country.