Extra-Curricular Activities

Designed to enrich your child’s development

GEMS Modern Academy, Gurugram combines a rich academic programme which emphasizes on co-curricular activities thereby helping them in their holistic growth and development. At GEMS, we focus on the all round development of the child and firmly believe that the mind too needs to exercise and be at par with the body.

The facilities at GMA include- an auditorium with a seating capacity of 300, multipurpose hall, state-of-the-art library, temperature controlled swimming pool, outdoor play area and provides a plethora of sports facilities ( squash, basketball and lawn tennis courts, football field, cricket net, gymnastic and taekwondo arenas)   to facilitate the physical as well as the mental growth of the children.

We believe that the co-curricular activities are important just as academics. The right blend of both will lead to a well-rounded development of the learners. These activities result in improved academic performance. The child also gets an opportunity to explore a range of interests and create broader perspectives.

We focus on the development of that unique skill, which the child possesses. Followed by which, the child is encouraged to hone their skills further and thereby unleash their full potential. At GEMS, we focus on student’s intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and moral capabilities to strike a balance in all these aspects, so as to benefit the child.